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Mid-Atlantic Deal Review December 2009

December 2009 – Fourth Quarter 2009 Statistical Review Mid-Atlantic Deal Review Editor’s Note: The December edition consists only of a statistical review of 4th Quarter Mid-Atlantic capital markets activity with associated commentary. Quick Stats from Chessiecap is the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched presentation of Mid-Atlantic transaction data available—Private Placements, M&A and Public Offerings.  Mid-Atlantic […]

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Deal Data November 2009

No signs of a reviving deal economy in the November data. November was an unusual month where Maryland (paced by a large M&A deal) captured 87% of M&A volume and 71% of private placement volume (half of which was Biotech).  In general, in recent months, Maryland companies have been more in need of capital and […]

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Deal Data October 2009

October Private Placements knocked the ball out of the park ($289M) with several major investments in Telecom and Biotech.  Meanwhile, both M&A and the struggling local market for Public Offerings fell off the table. Private Placements: October was dominated by several gigantic placements that blur the line between buyout and venture investment

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Deal Data September 2009

Private Placements: Biotech had a busy month in September. Ten of the 25 private placements and 42% of private placement volume were Biotech related.  Sleep Solutions, which raised $20M and works structurally with sleep apnea, is classified Healthcare.  If you combine these two related categories, Healthcare-Biotech was the overwhelming recipient of dollars in September. 

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